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Tired of being told—by straight and gay alike—that he loves “incorrectly,” vampire Ehrichto Salvatolle gave up on the idea of having romantic love long ago. When a member of the created family he’s focused on instead comes under threat from a mysterious illness, Ehrichto strikes a deal with his own sire, to return to the sire’s bed in exchange for his help. But when he meets the great-grandson of the first man to break his heart, Ehrichto spies a chance to have the one thing he’s always wanted: true love. Paperback, 328 pages
“N. S. Beranek’s Angels Fall infuses the gay vampire trope with Twenty-First Century sensibilities that ooze with sensuality and drip with sexuality. Beranek paints her complex characters with blood, sweat, and tears, resulting in a juicy storyline that will make your mouth water.” – Michael Kearns, Theatre Artist


“I’ve long admired N.S Beranek’s short fiction, and now she’s given us her first novel. It’s a riveting, elegant, and complex read. Beranek effortlessly weaves together Guatemalan villagers, Louisville teenagers, and a clan of deathless vampires, leaving us amazed at the diversity of her characters and settings.” – Jeff Mann, author of Devour & Desire and Country

Diverse Romance Challenge

I just saw this over on another blog, which I will link here in a moment.

I think this is a GREAT idea. Please give it a look.


Source: Diverse Romance Challenge

The idea is that you read diverse books in order to complete a row on this bingo card. If there are actual prizes in the original post, I missed that part, but you know what? Post in the comments on my site with the titles of the books you’ve read (romance or not, novel or short story – I will be impressed if you can post Bingo! however you get there) in the various categories, in any row, and after January 1st, 2017 I will select a winner to receive their choice of either my debut novel, Angels Fall, or a debut novel I edited, The Role, by Richard Taylor Pearson (open to U.S. residents).

The original post says you have until the end of the year. I’m not sure you can do this from scratch by then (maybe you can, but I couldn’t), but it certainly gives you time to fill in the holes in a row you can almost complete with books read prior to the start of the challenge.

Here’s the list, written out (thanks to the blog for that.)



Latinx MC

Muslim MC

MC w/mental illness:

Jewish MC:

Trans MC:

Physically disabled MC:


Diverse Historical:



Black MC:

East Asian MC:

WOC in Romance:

Set outside US/UK

Full figured MC:


Asexual MC:

Middle Eastern MC:

Poc on Cover:





HAVE AT. (And go check out the original posts!)

Apparently it’s on Twitter, too. #DiverseRomanceBingo