Short Stories 365/280

“The Man in the Mirror” by Jameson Currier, from the inaugural issue of Icarus, Summer 2009. Edited by Steve Berman.

No surprise here – I really, really liked this story. I’ve liked everything I’ve read by this author. (See Short Stories 365/22, 43, and 142.)

As with the characters in those other stories, Adrian Chase has been around the block a few times. He’s an accomplished actor—a former A-lister—now scrounging just to stay afloat in a culture that prizes youth. Age and experience make him fascinating, but he lives in a place where no one gives a damn about that. Well, almost no one. Glenn the makeup guy cares. He’s heard stories about the old days, and wonders if what he’s heard is true. The thing is, Adrian hasn’t always made the most honorable decisions. He’s been selfish, even cowardly. His actions hurt people, in some cases very badly, and we’re witnesses to the moment when those bad decisions, literally, come back to haunt him.

Short Stories 365/43

“My Adventure with Tom Sawyer” by Jameson Currier from Best Gay Romance 2014 (Cleis Press)

Full disclosure: I have a story in this anthology.

Having just re-read Steve Berman’s “Finn’s Night” in Trysts: A Triskaidecollection of Queer and Weird Stories for this blog, I was expecting this to be another twist-on-a-classic, but that was not the case.

The main character is a big city dweller travelling to the countryside at the behest of a friend, to get some much needed rest following a string of failed relationships and illnesses/injuries. This contemporary tale looks at the cautious optimism of being attracted to someone new and trying to discern whether or not it’s mutual. Due to the dichotomy of the protagonist and the setting there’s a lot of humor to be mined, and the author makes great use of that opportunity. Overall, though, this is a sweet, contemplative, and romantic modern story.

Best Gay Romance 2014 (Cleis Press)

A story of mine will be published in the upcoming anthology Best Gay Romance 2014 by Cleis Press. I couldn’t be more thrilled. The other contributors are stellar writers. I am a fan of many of them, and surely a fan-to-be of the rest. No release date yet, but here is the list of the pieces that will be included in the volume:

Introduction • Timothy J. Lambert

Strange Propositions • Eric Gober

My Adventure with Tom Sawyer • Jameson Currier

True In My Fashion • Paul Brownsey

Sight • Jordan Taylor

Falling • James Booth

Thanksgiving • Shawn Anniston

The Invincible Theatre • Felice Picano

Carver Comes Home • Rob Byrnes

Spill Your Troubles On Me, Love • Georgina Li

Quality Time • Lewis DeSimone

Brooding Intervals • Kevin Langson

Dandelions • Tony Calvert

Shep: A Dog • Alex Jeffers

There’s No Question It’s Love • N.S. Beranek

Save the Last Dance for Me • David Puterbaugh

Afterword • R.D. Cochrane